Sunday, April 13, 2014

NEWS | 8 Reasons Paperback Now Available

For those who have asked about a hard-copy version of 8 Reasons Your Life Matters, I'm excited to say the book is available NOW as a trade paperback! Distribution is making its way to retailers one by one.

The paperback is already available at Amazon. Here's it's product page:
The list price is $5.95, as close as possible to being free for readers. Several people have mentioned wanting to use it for a Bible study, so it should be affordable for that purpose too. (And it's the type of price where, if you're a few dollars short of the free shipping minimum on Amazon, it's enough to push you past the tipping point. I kinda think that's cool!)

The e-book version will continue as a free resource on retail sites and my website. The PDF version is still available for free on my website if you wish to print it out. The book was intended to be a free gift to encourage anyone who might need it, so I don't mind if you exercise either of those options. It will continue to be free in those formats as long as it doesn't conflict with any publishing or distribution arrangements, which as of today, it still does not.

Thanks for everyone who has let me know God has used the book in your life. It has encouraged me these past months. God has a purpose for you. You were not an accident. God bless!

Never give up!
John Herrick

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