Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEWS | 8 Reasons Paperback Coming in April

For those who have asked, I have great news:  8 Reasons Your Life Matters will be available in trade paperback next month, April 2014!

The e-book will remain free. Because printed books involve a cost factor, the paperback will not be free, but will be available at a list price of $5.95 and about 100 pages in length. That means the paperback is priced to cover costs, not make a profit. So my goal as a writer for 8 Reasons remains intact: to get the book into as many readers' hands as possible as an encouragement. I'll share more details as I have them.

In exciting news last week, after lingering at the #2 spot since January, 8 Reasons finally hit #1 on Amazon's (free) Motivational Self-Help list. It has spent #1 on Amazon's Christian Inspiration list, bouncing in and out of that spot, since January. And even more amazing, it also reached Amazon's #1 spot on lists in the U.K., Australia, and India. In India, it was the #1 book for the entire Christianity category back in February. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, READERS!

So God did some crazy stuff beyond what I ever imagined. I've been blessed to hear from readers in the U.S. and Canada, and as far away as Australia and South Africa. Thank you all for contacting me and sharing about your lives, letting me know the book made a difference. I don't take those messages for granted because I know the kind of courage it takes to share your heart. God bless.

What's going on in your life? Hope and pray all is well for you and that some things happen beyond all that you ask or think in the days and years ahead.

Never give up!

John Herrick

Today's playlist:  Love, Marriage & Divorce by Toni Braxton/Babyface; You Are My World by Hillsong

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