Saturday, June 28, 2014

NEWS | New Novel Title

Early Thursday morning, I finished the final revision for the latest novel! The manuscript is now done, done, DONE.

No better time to announce the novel's title:  Between These Walls.

Barring any unforeseen changes, the book is scheduled to hit shelves in winter 2015, around the February timeframe. Details will be released down the road, closer to the shelf date. As even my family can tell you, this manuscriptright down to its premisehas been on total lockdown. The concept came to me three years ago. I started developing the story a year later. That's how long the secret has remained intact, except for a couple of individuals who were key in its coming to life, of course. Once the story's premise comes forth, many people will understand why I've held it back.

I'm totally old school with how I track some things. I grab a napkin or paper, write a note, and it becomes my official log because I fail to take the time to organize it. If you want to know just how old-school this writer's mind works, here's a look at my ratty paper showing revision page progress:

Pretty sad, huh? It hit the trash can this morning. The photo above was BEFORE crumpling it up for the wastebasket. On second thought, maybe I should've auctioned it... ;-)

Meanwhile, what a thrill to hear from so many of you who have read 8 Reasons Your Life Matters! The e-book is on the verge of crossing the 100,000 downloads mark. Recently, a consultant decided to incorporate the paperback into her program package. Both were unexpected and amazing to see happen. It was just a little side project intended to perhaps encourage a few people out there.

What's new with you? I hope you're enjoying your summer.

Love you all. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for allowing my books into your lives. Feel free to message me on my website's Contact page. Feel free to friend me on Facebookthe icon is at the upper corner of my website.

Never give up!

John Herrick

Today's playlist:  August and Everything After by Counting Crows

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