Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NEWS | Comic Con and Novel Update

Had a great time at Comic Con St. Louis earlier this month! Such a great panel discussion and audience members who asked thought-provoking questions. I had the privilege of joining two other panel members, New York Times bestselling author Zac Brewer (of the YA Vladimir Tod series) and author Shawntelle Madison. I was the only panel member who doesn't write about blood or vampires. ;-) I learned some good things from them.

Speaking of those panel members, be sure to check out Zac Brewer's latest YA novel, The Blood Between Us, from HarperCollins. It hits shelves next week, May 3. Here are the book details for those who want to check out more: https://t.co/RJYkHzPFo1

On the new novel front, I set my minimum length at 75,000 words, which is probably about 285 book pages. Working steadily on the first draft early mornings, and am thrilled to say I'm past the 1/3 mark! That said, I think the book will end up in the 300-350 page range. I anticipate finishing this first draft in the August/September time frame. (Remember, I work a full-time career in addition to this!) Would love to tell you the premise, but if you've read my past posts, you'll know I have this weird paranoia, where I'm afraid if I talk about it, it won't get finished.

Another book idea hit me this weekend, and the ideas have been flowing with that. So excited. This puts about 3-4 ideas in the pipeline. It's been years since I've had that scenario. Thankful for brighter days and an unlocked imagination. (There's another one finished. Hopefully some news by early next year.)

Thank you, readers, for your messages, encouragement, reading, prayers, and so forth. I don't take those for granted. Take care, and God bless. Hope you have an awesome spring!

Never give up!

John Herrick

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