Friday, November 22, 2013

Novel Back on Track!

Happy Thanksgiving (soon) to everyone! Taking a little lunchtime pause to post this.

Early this morning, I sketched the final chapters for the fourth novel. With that complete—and after a few days off next week—I'll resume writing the rest of the novel. The latest, firmer estimate puts the book around the 450-page mark. Eager to resume writing!

This week, I've enjoyed listening to St. Louis radio station Joy FM. The station is fully listener-supported, and at last ratings check I saw, it was the third-highest station in the market. This week marked their autumn pledge-a-thon to make their annual payment on the towers and to launch a second station for teens and young adults. Their spring pledge-a-thon covers the year's operating costs for the station. I became a Joy FM financial supporter last year and remain so. When you hear stories from listeners of how the station and its listening community impacted their lives, it brings new perspective. When you help support the station, you got to sow a seed into that person's life. I love that. For those curious, the station website is

Incidentally, I received news a few months ago that a chapter of my e-book 8 Reasons Your Life Matters was used by a staff member at Joy FM for one of their staff devotional times. Couldn't believe it when I heard that. As a writer, if I can write material that encourages people, it's an honor and so exciting. (Thanks to those of you who contact me on my website to let me know you've read the book and to share your life situation. Also a true honor to hear!)

8 Reasons Your Life Matters is available free in e-book formats. You can find a bunch of retailer links at I also have a PDF version for those who prefer to read on paper.

I'm thankful for you! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Never give up!

John Herrick

Today's Playlist:  First Christmas by Bebe and Cece Winans

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